Naked Man

Lost, professing to worship a near naked man on a cross. Their murdered lord and savior. Unwed going into labor

Lasivious modern Western females exhibiting immoral and unscrupulous sexual behaviors. Using alcohol and other drugs

To replace much desired hugs. Hoping to wash away depression and anxiety. Never realizing that they are destroying traditional family

By bastardizing and destroying traditional values in society. With their lewd unbridled libidinous acts of amoral impropriety

If your Western predicated belief system is not working for you. Why not try something new. Islam is guidence and will bring peace to you

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2023

Islam is not new. It is the same "way of life" practiced by Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and his sons, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. The Qur'an is explicitly a book of guidance. A book of guidelines and a compass. A manual for navigating one's way through this life correctly. The Qur'an is the instruction book for human beings. On how to be able to become at peace with self and society. How to become a proper man, husband, employee and son. How a female csn become a proper woman, wife, mother and daughter. In Islam you do not have to "Freestyle" nor improvise your way through life without guidance or true direction. © 4:40 AM islam • redemption

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Naked Man