Good Mother

I'm a good mother. I go to work everyday. I see that my children have clean clothes and something to eat almost everyday. Madam, you are delusional. Illusional, confusional easily reducible

A warden in a prison does the same identical things for the inmates that you do for your litter of strays. Excluding giving birth. Your contributions aren't all that you think that they are worth

Four children by as many different menLiving in squalor you beat, holler, scream and cuss them out regularly. Frequently exposing them to men other than their biological fathers

Males that have never bothered to give you a dollar. Males that see you as nothing other than what you are. An overweight, undereducated, angry, easy lay. A mother that never has a good word to say. To anyone on any day

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2023

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Good Mother