Twisted Drama

Twisted Drama
Mammary glands and a vagina does not guarantee success as a Mama. Too much crooked emotion and twisted drama. Resulting in children with psychological trauma

So confused by the Jinn they know not if they are to become women or men. Shackled in the delusion of gender confusion. The destructive concept of women's liberation has ruined most Western nations

Incarcerating moral good sense, self-discipline, judgement and wisdom. Far away in a type of penitentiary. Spawned by a dreadfully toxic feminist matriarchal identity

The majority of modern day females have not been taught to be proper women or wives. For some motherhood never becomes a part of their lives. Referring to themselves as Boss. Glands and vagina Necropolis tossed

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2023

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Twisted Drama