Umm Malik

Such an elegant, kind, sweet, generous and stylish lady. Sweet Miss Sadie. Mr. Vernon's joy and pride. Dutifully by his side until the day he died

For one hundred and four years,
Umm Malik, Allah blessed you with
a long earthly ride. Out living three of your adult sons. And your baby twin boy who tragedly died

No exaggeration or lie. As a mother you will be remembered as one of the Old Schools best. Mother, grandmother, great grandmother, great great grandmother. Many Muslims trace their lineage through you

Along with them I make du'a for you.
A true blue OG Umm were you. May Allah grant you your full reward. And only the best fate

May the du'a of your many rightly guided muslim offspring gain you a measure of Allah's forgiveness and a good entry through the after life's best gates

Abu Lateef
© 2023

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Umm Malik