Shukran Allah

The brilliant bright blinding sun. The rich luminous light of the moon in it's fullness. Fixed stars, scenic landscapes, mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls

Sunrise, sun setting into the sea. Beautiful beaches beautiful palm and fruit trees.
Thank you Allah for giving sight to humanity. The edibles and jewelery from the sea

Thank you for the Bees and the sweet product that they produce. Rabbits, wild game and domesticated cattle. Their meat to eat, fur for clothing and leather for sandals

Creator of matter, gravity and electromagnetic energy. Creator of beginnings, thermol energy, time and climb. Creator of the vine and grape for wine

Creator of egg and sperm. Mountains high above which eagles fly. Creator of the sod beneath our feet. Wherein we are buried after our earthly life is complete

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Shukran Allah