George Washington Demonstrated

Cherry tree killer. Soldier, adventurer, Indian killer, a thriller. Plantation owner African enslaver. Native people terminator

Many a time in the past a smaller force has vanquished one larger. Kicking ass. A case in point and no one denies it. David slew Goliath

The illusion. The hypocrisy of democracy. The delusion. Victims plentiful. By crooks in authority they are taught to obey. Go along and play

Impoverished by a system tyrannical. Trapped, captured, caught up and entangled by octopus like governmental tentacles

The government's muscularity grips all into a perpetual state of poverty. Political naivety, strangling. The exploitation from the elite at the top will not stop...

Until the masses rise up. And start to police the cops. Power to the people. Death is better than turmoil and oppression. Study history and learn great lessons

England's King George the third hated all that George Washington demonstrated. Through his revolutionary example ameriKKKa became free of British colonization

The white man lying and through portraiture deifying himself was a most odious act. In fact, freeing himself up to set up his own racist, genocidal Presidential bastion for the homicidal

Enslaving Africans forcing them into 246 years of brutal unpaid prison camp labor. Just imagine the generational wealth you could accrue having millions working unpaid just for you. All the profits going to you. And a luxurious lifestyle to savor

The ameriKKKan colonist got fed up and tired of the exploitation. Refused to pay taxes while receiving no fare representation. As the negros would feel later after 100 years of Jim Crow segregation

The ameriKKKan colonist set a revolutionary example of what to do when you believe that government has not been working good for you

Abu Lateef
© 2023

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George Washington Demonstrated