United Anoconda Snake of the ameriKKKas

Savage beast spread carnage. Serpentine-like Europeans, snaking their wicked way through the Caribbean, South, Central and North ameriKKKa

The United Anoconda Snakes in a vehement state of rage invade ameriKKKa. Dictating the game with musket, powder and ball. Never having been for liberty and justice for all

Transplanted usurping hordes of Europeans with guns suddenly
appear brave. As they murder, rob, rape, disenfranchise and enslave

For this reason many view the ameriKKKas as nothing more than a coast to coast open air prison. A hi-tech steel reinforced grave

Especially the Indigenous nations. And those manacled and forced into migration. Ending up worked to death as chattel slaves. On cotton, tobacco and sugar-cane plantations in unmarked graves

Abu Lateef
© 2023

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United Anoconda Snake of the ameriKKKas