The sea of tears

As the atmosphere cleared I could again feel the sea motion.
The fluidic movement of liquid emotions in commotion.
The rise and falling roll locomotion.
The only path to this sea was tears.
No land embarkation it appears.
You had to know the taste of your tears
mixed with your foodís chewing gears.
Your throat feeling raw and seared.
You had to have felt the tears of others
warm on your cheeks wet and bitterly bleak.
You had to have journeyed through storms drear
having cried for years and years.
How would one ever bear except
by being borne on the tears,
which also opened the way
for you to sail away.
All that the heart could not say
poured out now in tearful sway.
You had to die to something daily
in lifeís wet works play.
Painís puffing cheeks filling your sail,
your prow facing destinyís trail.
What of the cargo,
a manifest unfree of embargo.
Tears of loss and tears of gain.
Tears of joy and tears of grief.
Tears of triumph and tears of defeat.
Tears of welcome and tears of rejection.
Tears of gratitude and tears of disappointment.
Tears of life and tears of death.
Tears of love and tears of unrequited love.
Tears of salvation and gnashing teeth tears.
Tears of creation and tears of destruction.
Wherever did all the tears wash up!
Did the sea of tears have a shore,
or was it hidden in lore?
Which came before, the sea or the tears.
Or did tears drop from a vast ocean fair
all adding up to a drop of love in the human nadir.
Only in a vessel of tears could your path zenith,
by zeroing the azimuth of ascension and with a little puff,
rising above all the lock down dimensions of the systemís bluff.
But why were my cuffs wet, it was raining again I bet,
and was that ash or soot from my world burning at the root.
I would flush it all out of me on the sea of tears.
Then would my vision clear for me to hear.

Knight Truelove Poems CI-432940638