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Maybe it's me, just imagining things,
or this world is becoming deranged.
I once had a tenuous grasp of the norms,
but, the norms have emphatically changed!

The glitch in the matrix gets worse every day,
and malfunctions are out of control,
dimensional doors let “Things” into our world
and it feels like we're down a Black Hole!

We came from the future to visit ourselves
in the form of strange alien creatures,
an unrecognizable race from a time
when we're altered with mutated features!

Strange-but-true sightings abound every day
of more cryptids and creatures unknown.
Stories of Men In Black, Black-Eyed Kids, 
and Shadow people have steadily grown.

They tell us our world is a mere simulation
which means we have been Program based.
If we're made up entirely of pixels and bytes,
then could we be simply erased?





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