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Dudley's Debut

Not longer than a year ago,
my wife brought home a pup.
The little guy was small enough
to fit inside a cup!

His wrinkly skin and buggy eyes
just added to his charm
and this Chihuahua' favorite bed
became his Daddy's arm!

He found his niche and off he went
to wander and explore,
discovering the "shocking truth"
that there were two dogs more!

They sniffed before inviting him
into the neighborhood;
he stood his ground to let them know
that he was here for good!

Soon after he was settled in,
he got one dog to play,
deciding that this country home's
too quiet anyway!

They chased and yapped all through the house,
these impish little boys;
they'd tease and tug and hide and share
their many little toys!

The slightest sound or buzzing fly
evokes a piercing bark
from underneath his blanket
where he slumbers in the dark!

Each afternoon, he and his friends
all gather in a ruse
to lure their Daddy into bed
to have their daily snooze!

He quickly snuggles in a ball
inside his Daddy's arm
and there they lie until the sound
of Mommy's "voice alarm"!

He's typical of his own kind,
and he's innately cuddly;
with careful thought and lots of love,
his Mommy named him "Dudley".


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Dudley`s Debut