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May She Dissolve into Hell

May She Dissolve into Hell

I'm Forgotten and discarded
Blurred by the glass silhouette
Glistning in the black of your eye
Easy Street to the numbness you must feel 

My ring heavy in my pocket 
Wondering if you love her more than me
The clear nothing that she is

Our everything crumbling around us
Baffeled if you even hear the cracks
running up our walls,
Or the tremble in the foundation 
beneath our feet. 

The distant cry of our children
fading as you fade from us.

All the broken parts of everything,
spinning out of control,
As you lossen your grip. 

Tightning around her as 
the reality fights to sink in. 

The wheel was always yours 
and it veered off course, 
when your eyes fell from the road.  
I struggle to straighten us 
reaching over the pain. 

Thunder and lightning crashing 
dangerously close to our demise 

The bottle falling and shattering
once and for all, 
is what my dreams are made of
these days.  

Her toxic grip dissolving into hell where she belongs.   

Copywrite 3/1/2023

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May She Dissolve into Hell