Before I Die

In my late teens. I had seen women that I thought only existed in dreams. As a mere boy it was such a revelation, an estatic joy. Malaysian, French Indonesian, Thai and Pinoy

From the Western Pacific to the South China Sea I've often reminence of how a return would be. Now that I am a widower many decades later residing in the West

Seriously I contemplate returning to "The Land of Smiles." where I felt that I was treated best. Soon I hope to cross the oceans blue. Flying high through the sky

Landing, island hopping, visiting the Masjid, making Salaat in Mindanao, Davao, Kuala Lampur, Bangkok and Chiag Mai. Living long enough to once again make the Tawaf Fisibilillah at Baitullah before I die

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Before I Die