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'Oh God, Oh God, what have we done?'

Hurried footsteps through the trees,

Tell of nights that shouldn't be,

Secret meetings bed of leaves,

His knees are wet and so is she.

Was she cheating, did he lie,

Who got hurt? Doesn't matter, right?

As long as love is satisfied,

Broken hearts are by the by.

Told her husband she'd be late,

A job at work that couldn't wait,

His wife a kind believing soul,

Said she'd wait up 'til he got home.

Hurried footsteps 'kiss me quick,'

The room was booked by Mr Smith,

The need to cheat adds spice to life,

Stolen fruit tastes twice a nice.

Hurried footsteps light of day,

They fell asleep there's Hell to pay,

'Don't touch me now, just get me home,'

'Oh God, Oh God, what have we done?'

© Joseph G Dawson