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My person

She was my person.
She was my partner and I left her.
Out of fear....out of raw emotion I left her.
It doesn't seem right to drop my problems on her
It doesn't feel right to be without her.
Everything is all wrong.
I cried to her.
I loved her.
I help her take care of her.
Now I can't do that.
I left my person and I've been full of emptiness ever since.
She'll never come back now.
The person I had before nor the version my indiscretions made you in to
Neither of you will come back to this broken person I've become.
I love you.
Honestly I do.
I can pray we meet again but I don't think it'll be answered.
I did everything wrong in regards to you
I didn't do right by you.
Now I've lost you.
It's all my fault.
I can't do this without my person.
I want my person back....
But she's long gone.
And I pushed her away.

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My person