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22nd FEBRUARY 1912-29th MAY 1989
I lost my mother on 29th MAY 1989, 31 years ago.
It feels as if I lost her yesterday and I still
have not come to terms with my loss and I don't
think I ever will. The pain of missing her has increased
with time. A poem for my mother- "I MAY NEVER MEET MY MUM"


I would love to believe that my Mum
Is in heaven and when I die I will meet her.
I would be happy that every passing day
the time of meeting my Mum is getting
nearer by every day passed by.

I would even feel great for my
Heart condition that threatens my life
because it will reduce waiting time
to meet my mother.
I am not sure what happens after death.
My religion talks about heaven if
karma is good enough and a bad one
could take you to hell.

I am sure my Mum would be in heaven
but not sure about me if I have done
enough good karma to go to heaven.

I wish I had faith to believe in all these
without any questions asked.

Unfortunately being a scientist proof
requires evidence as per my training.
So far I have not found any evidence
of things I have mentioned here
and that breaks my heart.

26 years ago on 29th May, I lost my Mum
and my stupid logical mind stops me
from believing anything without any proof.

I wish I were like most people
having faith and believing anything
they are told about life after death
Without any question asked.
I am ME and I cannot change.
I may never meet my Mum even if I die.
I miss her so much every day.
If I could meet her by dying,
I would gladly die today.

Kris ~Dreamweaver
29th MAY 2015.

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