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I called you sweets cause it was my favorite.
I called you mami because it rolled off my tongue and it was something you found cute.
You were my baby.
My life.
My breath.
My everything.
I did treat you like respecting you was optional
I'm trying to figure out why.
Why I couldn't just sit down.
Give you what you needed and wanted.
I was trying to be more.
I shouldn't have been.
I wanted to feel like "the man"
I should've just wanted to feel like your girl.
You had me wrapped up in you and I fought you tooth and nail to be unwrapped
And I absolutely hate being without you.
I need my sweets. I need my mami.
I hate the streets. I just wanna be alone.
If it's not you I don't want it.
I can't let anyone touch me and I can't touch them.
It ain't right.
It just ain't right.
I miss your soul.
I miss your light and your darkness.
I miss you.

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