Common Sense

When infants cry it probably doesn't mean that it needs to be changed or fed. Honey Bees make cheese.

Cows produce bread. And blue birds are red. You cannot believe anything just said. Once upon a time.

Information known by all was referred to as common. Common sense is no longer common. A sign of the times when most have lost their minds.

Lost in a confused world. Not knowing the difference between boys and girls. Common sense is no longer common.

Guys in short shorts. Male genitalia long and loose. Testosterone off the charts. Publicly expressing the perversion within their depraved hearts.

Not identifying their gender with their actual parts. The majority is forced to surrender their IQ's and will. To accommodate these gender bender pretenders.

Pronoun thieves and deceivers. An assumed Western protected societal minority. Homosexuality running wild.

As drag queers and queens take over libraries and schools mis-educating the vulnerable ameriKKKan child.

As their culpable empty headed parents sit on the side lines with vacuous smiles. Common sense hasn't been common for awhile.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Common Sense