Everything within the heavens and earth belongs to Allah. Your entire being, ears, fingertips, eyes, body, nose, mind, lips and toes

All are on loan to you from Allah. To aid you in experiencing this physical plane. Loans must be returned to the rightful owner. In their original condition unchanged

Or, suffer the consequences with penalties and extreme eternal pain. All must account for how well their loaner bodies were used and maintained

Or, in the case of deranged fools, how badly it was abused. All uniniverses are under His rule. Qur'anic revelation is like a divine GPS tool

Directions to paradise free of material cost. Freestyling life only causes horrendous addictions, gender confusion, sadness, madness, homosexuality, strife and loss

Men cannot become women even if their member is surgically tossed. In this world death is decisive. Death is certain. But it is not the last or final curtain. Allah has the last say

For altering the creation of Allah. There is a guarantee of punishment, pain and hurting.
Justice, there will be no skirting. You cannot stop, turn back after getting off track

Guidence has been sent down.
Practice the wisdom and direction found in the Book of Allah. It will turn your entire life around. Indeed the lost can be found

Abu Lateef

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