How can I help but love you? How can I help but care? When I know I'd be nothing if you weren't there? I want to prove that I'm your lover.

Not just in my words or things I say. I need to be your lover. And I'll do whatever you say. I wiil humbly submit and obey. Please make me a better lover.

I beg you on bended knee. I prostrate before you. O Allah mighty King of kings. For your continued guidance I pray. That you continue to shower me with your mercy.

Bathe me with your blessings. Wrap me in your forgiveness. Embrace me with your peace. As you have done for all of my days. In so many different ways. Please never let it cease.

You are the Mighty master of the day of Judgement. You cause the sun to set in the West. You command it to rise in the East. Should not all mankind surrender to their Lord above?

Should not all want to prove their love for the supreme teacher of right from wrong? By bowing down before Allah the weak become the strong.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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