Not being Humsn

Battling flies, ants, rats, mosquitos, and green-pit Vipers in bamboo trees. Keeping an eye out for an occasional tiger that I might see. I wasn't being humsn in the Infantry.

Because of shock to my mind. Wasn't being human because I didn't have the time. Treating too many maimed bodies. Trudging through mud. Witnessing too many crimes.

Covered in other people's blood. Eighteen years old certain that I'm quickly running out of life. Running out of time. But this is what I volunteered for. Didn't want to miss the fight.

Witnessing gang rapes punctuated by murder. That definitely wasn't right. Interrogations, information elicited through electrocution. Just everyday situational ad hoc military combat solutions.

Retribution? No time to be human. Exacting instant gratification through a bullet or the rifle's butt. The world's police, beast, doing their job. Stuck in-country hump'n a ruck.

Abu Lateef

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Not being Humsn