Punk Funk Joe has got to Go

Lies multiplied. Self proclaimed most qualified. Obnoxious promiscuity. Lewd, libidinous demon like self absorption. Promoting murder through fetal abortion. Decadence personified and manifest. Hollywood movies, music and minds exceedingly grotesque.

He is the quintessential representation of Shaytaan on Earth manifest. An octogenarian advocating immorality through homosexuality. International gangster of gayness. As a self proclaimed good Catholic. For his sins he needs to confess.

Old and decrepit, strong in villainy. Weak of body strong in senility. Attempting to force the acceptance of gayness upon the entire world. Even a child knows the difference between being a boy or a girl. Old befuddled, punk funk Joe has got to go.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Punk Funk Joe has got to Go