amerikkka's Future/Dead

Way back in my day. Way way back in my hood. King Heroin was boss. And that was not good. Now, like back then U.S. Government office holders nevered cared. How average people faired.

Didn't care about who we lost. Suspended between birth and death. Now, at last, ameriKKKa is paying the cost. Homelessness, crime rampant. Greedy politcos rubber stamp it.

Selling their useless souls for a vote. Using political office for self-aggandizement. A decision must be made before we enter our graves. How can we best be successful during this earthly testing phase?

From lies we must divest. We must purify that which lies within our chest. By following the guidence sent down from above. Stop the endless fighting of wars on behalf of the arrogantly rich. In wicked ameriKKKa today Fentynol is boss.

Their youth are lost. AmeriKKKans cannot cope with the hypocrisy of the society so they seek relief in alcohol and dope. They have become a people without hope. Strung out and paying the cost.

Not knowing or accepting truth and reality. Hookwinked by Djinn into participating or accepting homosexually. Narcotized becoming stupified. Unable to properly think or feel.

Appearing dumb because their minds, emotions and hearts have become benumbed. They are living dead. Resulting from the foolishness pumped and fed into their heads. By crooked politians.

By money hungry fake, con-men, so-called Xristian television preachers. Bamboozlers not righteous teachers. AmeriKKKa's future is dead. Unless they seek guidence from another source. Go check out a local Masjid. Islam is for everyone.

Abu Lateef

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amerikkka`s Future/Dead