Poems of Hope and Peace

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The saints knew that Jesus coming again was close
some hissed and turned up their nose
Mary and John were smoking their packs
and Gina was downing her liquor and eating her snacks
The nobleman explained to the lost
"Jesus died for you on the cross"
he went on to further say
"and He could ride the clouds any day" 
And one night a great Trumpet did sound
The dead in Christ woken and aroused
one man who had been immersed
had stolen from a poor old ladies purse
Then the angels announced with glee
"come my righteous Jesus has a place for thee"
The man that had been immersed yelled out the top of his lungs
"you gave me of no warning of when you would come"
but as He gathered His elect and rose out of sight
and  said "I told you i would come like a thief in the night"
14/6/2022 Revisted 2/5/2023