Church Twerk'n

You will find no scarcity of vulgarity in vile ameriKKKan society. Evil is always lurk'n. Especially during Mega-church services. As T.D. Jakes visualizes his wife twerk'n for his Lord

Myth, mystical, evangelistical, non-denominational, biblical charlatans grossly egotistical. The devil's friend, actors rehearsing. Making up verses on the fly. Mega-churches making up lies

The way that they began will be the way that they will end, beyond their control. Congregants in the back of herses tithing Jakes until broke. Never becoming woke

Never realizing that Jakes is a masterful deceitful prevaricater. T.D. Jakes and his ilk are milking the people with bull as smooth as silk. Kinky and twice as stinky. That's how those devils work

Abu Lateef

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Church Twerk`n