New Khilāfah AR Rashidun

Forced African diaspora. Generational dislocation. Intergenerational iniquities. Inner borders strained. Intergenerational pain. Enslavement and freedom are not the same.

Redman dead by genocide. Land theft mass Homocide. Multi generation animus. National disdain. Technology weaponized. European International usurpation. Devilish conceptualization of white racial superiority.

Asian inferiority. Hatred towards the yellow, tan and brown. Erroneously misusing Xristianity as a global divider. Islam is a uniter. Read the Qur'an for yourself. Then participate in eliminating racial hate.

By promoting globally throughout all lands and in every nation. The planetary propagation and promulgation of peace and happiness. Under the One True God Allah. Through the vicegerency and unity of man. We need it soon. A new al-Khilāfah ar-Rashidun.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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New Khilāfah AR Rashidun