Menticide Mass Psychosis II

Trichinosis from consuming swine. Menticide, a killing of the mind. Corporate mass media. Hypnotizing and mesmerizimg the masses. Large scale societal brain washing. Misinformation classes.

Mandatory attendance is enforced, foolishness rehearsed, stupidity excellerated. Having good sense is hated and berated. Mental masturbation highly rated. They joyfully race to class. As is mandatory. Obeying master. To see who can achieve retardation faster.

Hypocrisy disguised as democracy the culprit in this sad story. Cameras, mobile phones, internet. Devices, gadgets on the go and at home. Mass menticide on the rise. Systemic, epidemic. Sanity has been ruled insane. Mass psychosis is all that remains.

Abu Lateef

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Menticide Mass Psychosis II