Logical Methodical

Allah is above any wants or needs. Allah needs nothing from His creations. The creation can do nothing to harm or benefit Allah

Allah is not needy. Indeed, Allah is above all wants and needs. And has decreed that you do for each other. With patience, in truth and mutual consultation

Establishing a universal nation of kindness and fairness. Not one of individual pomp and greed. Overlooking the needs of the widows, orphans, the elderly, the sick, weak or poor

An acceptance of responsibility for the well being of others. Aunts, sisters, nieces and mothers. Accepting the responsibility to protect and maintain

Every male is not a man. Every female is not a woman. To perform roles properly males become men. And females become women. To be a real man or to be a real woman

To be a real husband or to be a real wife. One must accept role responsibility, role identity. Must demonstrate the ability. To fulfill the role diligently

Not half-stepping but fully. Truly, within the soundest of bounds. The giving of rights. The upholding of rights. In accords with what the Book of Allah expounds

Sons and daughters are not reared the same. Because the male and female are not the same. Their roles are defined at birth

By parents they must equally be taught the worth of good ethics, morality and the differences between right and wrong. Lines of demarcation and rules must be clearly drawn

For the betterment of self and society. For mental health, emotional and the physiological. Islam is the way taken by those most methodical and logical

Abu Lateef

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Logical Methodical