Drinking cheap wine. Sitting on cloud nine. Higher than
the sky. A man ain't supposed to cry

Never having responsibility for anything but self. Failing at that. Just like you have with most everything else

By mother raised. No man has she ever praised. You are her emotional crutch. Relationship-wise, a bevy of boyfrieds but

She won't even throw a real man a bone. You never had a positive example of a real man in your home

Husband/Son. Masculinity done. Father unknown. You not understanding your role or place in life. Will most likely never be fit for a wife

Confused, you have taken to days of reefer and wine. Sitting on cloud nine. Higher than the sky. A future with few positive possibilities

With Islam in your life. Your purpose becomes clear. You will realize that you have many abilities. Muhammad (SAWS) as your role model. You'll find success an easy pill to swallow

Deen al-Haqq teaches males to become exemplary men and excellent husbands. And females to become complete women and exquisite wives. Come to Islam and for the first time in your life, come alive

Abu Lateef

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