Befuddled Bewildered Confused

Do you believe that there was no purpose in your creation? Do you believe you are an accident? Do you believe that this universe happened by chance? Have you not a mind?

Do you deny intelligent design? Do you have a basis for morality? Or are you wild like beast? Do you deny basic biological reality? Do you believe sex and gender has no boundaries?

Is your core belief grounded in fantasy and fallacy? Have you given up responsibility and authority for the protection and well being of your family's eternal life? Have you lost your minds?

Are you the master of your home? Or a government indoctrinated, mentally manipulated, cowardly dunce? Don't allow your children to be stamped by the mark of the beast. Left befuddle, bewildered and confused.

Abu Lateef

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Befuddled Bewildered Confused