There is no Moonlight without the Sun. Without the Sun the Moon would have nothing to reflect. The moon generates no light of it's own. Through intelligent design entities know their function, purpose and place.

In that sense the sun, moon, stars, mountains, trees, oceans and animals are muslim. Even some among mankind function as Muslims. In submission to their lord. Knowledge is often represented as light.

Some choose darkness and ignorance instead of the light. Humans were granted limited free will. The ability to make choices. On Judgement Day, we all will be held accountable for the choices that we made.

Do not anthropomorphize God. Do not call yourself a god or goddess. What can you control or create? The best minds among you cannot create the life of a single fly. And if a fly were to snatch something from you.

You have not the power to retrieve. Is it not time for you to finally believe? God is not a man. Stop believing that lie. No man pocesses devinity. God is not a trinity. God cannot die. God cannot be a victim of Homocide. THINK

Abu Lateef

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