Partial short Bio

Way back in my day. The old folks referred to us as Jitterbugs, hoodlums or Hoods. None had the connotation of being anything good. In my early youth during my period of Jahiliyah

I loved guns, fist fighting, money, clothes, cars and girls. Fleeting things comprised my infantile world. I quit school at age sixteen. To fulfill my dream. To stay alive until at least age nineteen

Enlisted in the army at age seventeen.
Soon I realized life is not perennial like petunias. Age nineteen I was falling out of love with this dunya. Serving in the army of Taugoot we would murder, rob and loot

As a gangster for capítalism. I witness many acts worthy of prison. I would attempt to ease my mind with beer, whisky or wine. It didn't work any of the time. I gradually no longer loved warfare

No longer seeing it as the ultimate pastime adventure. By it I felt trapped and indentured. Battle life became an odium. Then I discover opium. War life became easier to cope

My motto became, "there is no hope without dope." I returned to the U.S.A.
Some say that I was meaner than a junk yard dog. But by the grace of Allah. I began to clean up. With the help of former friends

Former gang members that had become military veterans. Putting down the hog, booze and dope. Over a seventeen month period of re-education. Islam had brought me to a place of moral rehabilitation, Islamitization

I began working with streets gangs. Being an example and providing information to help them change direction. Tutoring and mentoring. Then a ten year stent of volunteer work in a local county prison

Having moved on from working with gangs. I became security at a drug addiction rehabilitation center. The director of the rehab center determined that I was better suited to be a treatment councilor

I ended up counceling for several years. All my previous bad behaviors became an asset. From which I gained insight. Indeed Allah is the best of planners

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2023

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Partial short Bio