Daily in the news we hear of widespread bizarre violent behavior. Governors, mayors, police and the courts have not been the people's savior

Firearms are blamed. Firearms are inanimate objects. Incapable in themselves of doing harm. Unless pocessed by the mentality sick. That's the time to sound an alarm

And sound it quick. Help the mentally impaired. Who would do harm to self or others. Bring back the asylums. There is a need. But because of their self interest and greed

The politicians wouldn't spend the necessary funds to fund community based alternative services. What could have been worse than this? Patients with mental disorders to fend for themselves in concrete jungles

On mean predictory dangerous streets. Unprotected, unsupervised, hungry, un medicated on the cold mean streets. From the west coast to east. AmeriKKKa is wicked and cruel towards the mentally weak

And it's policies towards the mentally and criminally insane must cease. Bring back the asylums. Deinstitutionalization is what caused the proliferation of the drug addicted and homeless upon ameriKKKan streets

Isn't it apparent that deinstitutionalization has lead to higher rates of penal incarceration? Serial killings, mass killings, thrill killings, rape, robbery and the like. Just to save a few dollars,

Government has engaged in the wrong fight. Guns are not the problem. Let's shed some more light. Government deinstitutionalization of mental asylums was not right

Travel to Philadelphia's northeast neighborhood of Kensington. Examine their plight. The mentally ill self medicating. Zombified and mummy like. Sick, mentally ill people wandering about in both day light and night. Google it

The government fails to protect the mentality ill. And has failed to protect the public from the mentality sick. Guns as inanimate objects are Incapable of violence

The politicians are the culprits. In the early 1970's they closed the asylums. Their short sightedness created this present day violence. This societal atmosphere of fear

And it will not abate until those politicians and doctors of that ilk are out of here. Bring back the asylums, community based treatment centers. The mentally weak deserve a better deal. That's just the way I feel

Abu Lateef

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