By the grace of Allah. You've just turned eighteen. Try as best they can. A female cannot be an example to her son in the ways of becoming a man. Your mother has caused you to think much like a malajusted girl

Don't get bogged down by your emotions. That will ruin your world. It will impede your ability and progress and prevent you from getting things done. Get that through your head. Life isn't solely about feelings or having fun. Shun foolish people

Avoid idle talk. That kind of behavior will get you or someone hurt or dead.You must manage and control your emotions, my son. Have a level head. Or by your feelings and emotions you will be lead. Aquire knowledge. Read and study the Book

Consult and get advice from those who have done and know. Developed a strategy. Produce an action plan. I'm giving you sincere advice. That will help you to evolve into your role. Fulfilling your fitra as a man

Believe only in Allah. Follow the sunnah of Muhammad (SAWS). Not my way. Nor the way of any other man. Stay close to the jamaat. Don't blame others for your problems or lot. Take action and handle them like a man

Abu Lateef

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