ameriKKKa Clinically Dead

Answers never seem to come quick. Assuasive rhetoric. Making fools of the body politic. Widespread violence and social unrest. The frauds in charge keeping the cards close to their chest. Individual psychological conflict

Inability to pinpoint or who to stick the blame. It's always the same. From Florida to Maine. The norm throughout ameriKKKa is to be iinsane. Yes, you are correct. This is political and highly critical. With the system I'm not down

Living life as though on a roulette wheel. Or a merry-go-round. The sensation of travel. But not really going anywhere. Dizzy from going in circles. Politicians saying nothing. But always very vocal. Master mind manipulators

Linguistic mezmerizers. Elected con men. Bamboozling the people of the USA. Into perceiving themselves to be much more wiser than what they are in reality. Their ego's falsely fed. Morally and politically mislead. AmeriKKKa is on life support. Clinically dead

Abu Lateef

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ameriKKKa Clinically Dead