Survival of the Fittest

No longer about seeking a
higher knowledge. Graduating
a trade school or college

Not about getting fit for a
wife. Starting the family
life. Not about life at all

Except for life in the penitentiary behind the wall. For taking a fall. After a shootout. Over a game of basketball

Or, becoming one of the
newly dead. From a volley of
copper coated lead to the head

Zipped in a bag. Toe tagged.
On a drag of a ride to the mortuary. Stripped down and dressed up

Tossed in a box. Left alone in the cemetery. Dressed up with no where to go. Until the Trumpet blows

No longer about strength and
skill in the survival of the fittest.
Now it's only about the fastest

Draw and who can squeeze the
trigger quickest. Violence is the
norm in a land of sickness

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Survival of the Fittest