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Magic surrounds those who fine Truth

Going deep within, magic will not live with
untruth, lies, deceit, magic becomes magic
by surrounding our souls, heart, and minds
with the power of loves truth from the start
becoming one with the divine.

Unnoticed, we are forever being invaded by
forces unknown to us, through thoughts words
and deeps that control, draining our life force
from us without knowledge, truth is the saver
of our new reality, comforter of loves sweetness.

Beautiful peace within love flows with light
gracefully when we except all truths of minds
hearts and souls freely!

Love is the power of life, truth is the power
that we truly know!

Our wings widen in flight for the truth to flow
freely releasing all doubts, and fears that once
seem so stable within the boundaries of our

Now with the truth of being, we remain no longer in
the darkness of tormented shadows.

Freedom rings in the depth of loves

How flowers bloom in beauty when
one wakes up without flaws of
spirit, and the untruths of ego.

When the light shines within us
the first time, we'll think we were
dreaming awake, when truth sealed the
deal of forgiveness of self, we became divine
free to roam inside and out with only understanding
that truth is the love light that shines brightly
without denial!

Warmth comes within, closing our eyes finding
ourselves for the first time knowing exactly where
we are from with a mission we must complete
on this earthly plane.

Strange enough we fear nothing, doubts
no longer exist only understanding of our

Becoming clear as glass, we shuffle away
each illusion in our deeply formed
sub-consciousness finding oneness
in us with the truth of love we
shower down fresh and new.

Now foundations build strength
beneath earthly weakness, we
can touch each moment before
it becomes a reality, creating our
own unique self taking back our

Beautiful magic silently captures
spirit leading us through
the vortex of eternal bliss.

(Life has just begun)

Copyright DerenaBree(All Rights Reserved)

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Magic surrounds those who fine Truth