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A Time before

There was a time before,
you stepped from that car door.
When there I did see you,
I thought maybe it was a dream come true.

Over the years,
after a million tears.
When I lost you as a friend,
which I thought would never end.

Then came the pain,
as on you it would gain.
Then the pills had to become stronger,
so the relief would last longer.

But as weaker the pills got,
now, it seems the pain has became a lot.
And no matter how at it is looked
now, on the pills you are hooked,

Now, all you have is the pills,
you end up climbing all those hills.
No one on you can count,
as in your life more problems do mount.

You really want to learn,
so, to God you turn.
On you he won't turn his back,
as he helps you get back on track.


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A Time before

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