Techno Savage

Engineering, science and technology. Exploring astronomy, geography, geology and archeology. Gadgets, TV, radio and microwaves. Turning the next generation into techno-zombies and useful wage slaves

Satellites and gizmos. Noise is pervasive everywhere one goes. Loud talk as they walk. Verbal altercations the norm throughout the nation. Road rage and gunfights. Colors, sounds, sights. Gaudy neon lights. Folks afraid to go out at night

Modern day technological wizardry. Magnified voices and cinematography. Hematology, genes and genealogy. Morphology, ballistics, criminalistics, criminology. Sick hearts, sick minds, sick society, abnormal psychology, pathology

White supremacy and the deliterious remnants of colonialism. ISIS and other progenitors of terrorism. Minds of the masses in a constant state of crisis, perversion and sexual schism

Those with good character are victims of ridicule and derision. Good sense, good deeds and morality is easily ravaged. When technology is directed by the modern day Western savage

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Techno Savage