Lovely Lust

Lust is lovely. Positively euphoric. So lust with gusto mi amigo. Go with the natural flow. Aesthetic sexual ecstasy. A gift from God to humanity.

Mandated and regulated by divine matrimonial orders and decree. Sexual desire is natural and normal. Marriage makes it lawful and formal.

Lust is the motivation that causes creatures to procreate. It causes the reproduction of kind, orgasmic. Climax of both body and mind.

Lust is good or the most high would not have created it. Nor regulated it's lawfulness. But only within the bounds of the marriage tie.

So in wickedness do not tarry. By Devine decree it is always better to marry. Than to earn sin. Sin that will render you as losers in the end.

Do not become misbelievers by listening to and acting upon the whispers of the Arch Deceivers among evil men and Djinn.

Abu Lateef

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Lovely Lust