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I Am The Color Of Black


i like black licorice
and black capes and gloves and tresses
and long short and dark second-hand dresses
and i'm aware that there are a hundred
different shades of black
that darkness comes in  many dye lots
that people judge how dark you are
or how dark you are not
and thus the very content
of your character

i like dark secrets
and closets with flashlights for reading
Gothic novels and misbegotten poetry
and monstrous tales where
dark creatures never say boo
that's not anything a monster would do
monsters slink and stalk
and smile with  slither
and with their jagged teeth
incise a bite from your liver

i love black cats, black dogs and black crows
and black days with dense fog
where it all disappears and nobody knows
where it went
and pinhole stars
and breath like damp lint
and  loud dark winds that rattle and blow
see how the darkness shrinks distances
and makes you squint so you can't see very far
nor where to go

i like black patent shoes and fine
black patent train cases
filled with small zippered compartments
and small extra spaces to hide your favorite little things
and secret little finds
like a gypsy I prefer recycled
how i love  to recycle the past in my mind
isn't it interesting how
everything everyone gets used over and over again
and then
in the darkest of corners
with memory you find it all over again

i like black satin shoes and black satin sighs
and black garters that gird the width of my thighs
and black caged bustiers and black dancing nights
that keep the dawn at bay
I'm dark for adventure that way
I've a sly dark glance and a fluttering black eye
my eyeliner cat-like makes a line for a mile

i like meeting people in the shadows
of speak easies and clubs
darkness softens their lines
with the swipe of a grey satin glove
and people relax out of the glare of the day
be someone else for awhile
stash their true selves away
pretending to be someone else for the night
out on a rare adventure
night doesn't censure the ego
it coaxes and sighs

if you asked me again
if you inquired once more
why i relish black things
why I list them by the score
I'm a creature who favors darkness
I'm that color that absorbs all
into black
my heart's where the night lives
I am the daughter the mother
the lady no other
I am the color of black


legal copyright for this poem 5/31/2023 2pm Pacific Standard time
date and time stamped for legal copyright and also for this writer/author/poet

re-edited September 27 2023 6:01pm PST time and date stamped
legal copyright for this re-edited poem I Am The Color Of Black
and also for this Poet/Author?Writer Melissa A. Howells and also
for this legally copyrighted and registered site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World.

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