Just keep hustling in reverse. Packing pistols. You are going to end up in the penitentiary or in the back of a herse. Living life lascivious and libidinous. And day by day becoming worse

Always complaining and crying. You cuss and are always lying. Pretending not to care about living or dying. Not self assessing. Or doing self analytical due diligence. Stop straddling the fence

Your whole life is a pretence. Running with the wrong crowd. Lost in an urban wilderness. Moral dilapidation. Spiritual lack of righteous participation

Out of sync with the One true ultimate reality. In need of a new orientation, rehibilitation, re-education. Start reading Al-Kitabullah. Believe, and it will improve and enhance your deeds

Providing guidance, direction and fulfillment for all your needs. This is the Book; in it is guidance sure without doubt to those who fear Allah

QUR'AN Surah 2 Ayat 2.
Sadiqallahu adheem. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen

Abu Lateef

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