Barzakh Life

Death is not our end. Death is a portal. The door to eternal life. The grave is a step into the Barzakh. And what is the Barzakh? It is a partition world between this world and the next. A barrier world

An intermediary world. A world with its own reality. But not your souls finality. A world structured as a result of one's previous actions and deeds. A world presently unseen

In this intermediary realm there will be test, people, places and things. A world with ranks and stations. Task to accomplish, trials and tribulations until the day of Resurrection

Food for thought and serious contemplation. A transient world. A temporary station. Don't think that when your body dies you are dead

Get that ridiculous asinine notion out of your head. Once energy is created it doesn't die. It takes another form. As will you and I. Life ain't over just because the physical body dies

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Barzakh Life