For the abused!!!

For the abused

You thought as a child
life would be meek,happy and mild

Then a parent or someone you thought you could count on
robbed you of your innocence and still you find it hard to go on!

You tried to turn to a god who then you did not know
The Father in heaven  that   saw you even then as white as snow!!!!!!

you may of rebeled to the invisable God
even now your thoughts are like fog

I am wondering if your free?
cry out to God in His sanctury

you wake thinking the hurt is the same
I do hope you get healed from your pain

stay with the one who says vengance is mine!!!!!
He can heal all abuses and is strong and kind!!!!!


feel free to join our group on facebook it is just new you can share your story we respectr one another or maybey you just want to support us women only

i hope this poem helped if you are in an abusive relationship or have suffered child abuse.

blessings to you

Michelle Lee Carter

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For the abused!!!