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Déjà vu

Where the echoes of time intersect and align ,

The past and the present like threads intertwine,

No way to avoid it, what point would there be,

Tis a lesson in life that some miss and some see.

On waves of time rides fortunes grace,

By chance encounter, luck or fate,

A subtle sense of now and then,

You’ve met before but can’t think when.

Sweet honey lips, long tumbling curls,

Familiar place, familiar girl,

Familiar boy. Familiar smile,

She bore his child in tymes gone by.

Enduring love of torrent stream,

Both unaware? Not so it seems,

Faint recollections, curious minds,

What lies ahead take as you find.

There’s more to love than meets the eye,

Love conquers all including time,

The sense of awe, ‘it can’t be true,’

Of course it is, it’s déjà vu.cool

© Joseph G Dawson