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The New Circles of Hell

The New Circles of Hell…

Dante's Inferno, written in the 14th century,
Has several circles of hell for all the sinners of the Renaissance
It's vivid, brutal and appropriate for his time and place
And lots of famous people of those days have their place.
But we need some new circles for our times
A circle for media monsters that use our new technology
For their own egos. I can see Jesus smashing their laptops
In the temple and a circle for digital elites who use media
To brain wash everyday people into believing their lies
To get votes to keep them in power and subvert Democracy.
These circles reek of the smell of burning plastic as their
Wretched souls roast, awaiting the ice-cold smile of Satan
In the final circle, frozen, from which there is no escape.
Sins can be forgiven but sinners must experience the
Consequences of what they have done before they are forgiven.
Dante got that right.