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I love no one but you’

She waits for him in secret, where the trees

Invade the street, a row of council houses,

Built in 1963, she takes his hands, looks in

His eyes, two figures lost from view, where

In the shade he says again, ‘I love no one

But you.’ She lives at number twenty six and

He at twenty two, there’s just four years

Between t
hem, they met whilst still at school.

A pretty l
ittle lady, who fell in love too soon, and

Found herself abandoned with a daughter not

Yet two.

Nights like these are special when her sister

Babysits, it gives her time to spend with Lyle

And warm her hand in his, a steady kind of

Romance, no pressures to resist, a frank

Exchange of feelings, there’s an infant in the

Mix. Thoughts forever present, should they

Move away or stay, should she leave her

Daughter with a friend who might adopt one

Day, but no, that’s not an option, it never

Crossed their mind, if love has bloomed in

Honest truth, it must include the child.

A certain complication, is the family of her ex,

Who can’t bear to see her happy in the arms

Of someone else, brickbats and accusations

Won’t cover-up the lies, her ex turned out a

No-good, no job, no spark, no drive. Their

Secret banner headlines, with added choice

Effects, when they encountered aunty panty,

Who dotes upon her ex. A visit to the city, a

Wrong-street rendezvous, sixty-seconds either

Way, no one would know the truth.

With all out in the open, no secrets left to keep,

No need to meet in shadows, where the trees

Invade the street, a row of council houses, hot

Gossip all the news, when the pretty girl from

Twenty six moved into twenty two. He reached

For her without a word, as tears welled in her

Eyes, he kissed the rivulets and said, ‘you and

Your child are mine.' From a breathless rage of

Wild desire, to a rhythm velvet smooth, she

Whispered words she’d often heard, ‘I love no

One but you.’ cool

© Joseph G Dawson