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What Must Be

In the center
Of her face
The locus of lies and life
Within the changing pupils
Of her unearth bound eyes

Shining ocean circlets
Of whirling swirling hues
Islands in the water of a
Turbulent changing view

Look into them will you see me
Will you know how I've seen in you
The lies you see are not mine
The turbulence is you

The color kaleidoscope of life
Within them
Is the dream door
Unopened and unbidden from
our shuttered view

I remain treading upon the ocean
I stay riding the wanes of
The roaming rolling seas
My orbs fixed upon my fateful stars
As I accept what must be

legal copyright for this poem 7:45am July 11 2023
Time and date stamps and also for this author Melissa A.Howells
And also for this copy written and registered site title
Melon Straight From Her Tilt-A-World

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