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In afterglow ll

Shall I tell of secrets spawned,

In dreams of love on nights too short?

Thoughts that transcend worldly ways,

A whispered wish, a promise made.

Does love demand we ask too much?

Perhaps, but isn't that the way of love?


Love-locked fingers, hearts entwined,

Calmer now, love's storm's passed by,

Lover's head on heaven's breast,

A time to spoon, a time to rest.


A time when two are joined as one,

Combined in fortune, life, and love,

As moonlight traces love-moist flesh,

A kiss that fairly takes the breath.


Touch, where touch, may reap the most,

Where gentle tongue may gently stroke,

Lips that linger, love that lasts, scorching

Fingers, soft caress, pillow giggles, eyes

Divine, another storm will rage tonight.


His strength restored, her legs relaxed,

Her arms reach out, she pulls him back.

Into a place moist, soft and sweet,

Where dreams begin and love completes.

© Joseph G Dawson