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New Breed


We are a new breed, creatures waiting

for truth, knowing in time, it will come

back to us, in ways we have read in

books, once in generations of our past.


All returns in forms of past formations.


No flames can destroy truth of wisdom

filled with dimensional authority, no loss

nor destruction, can be folded into strength

when it took so long, to find the equal balance

making it impossible to be changed.


Minds! are powerful force, of imagination

combined with energy filled with promise

of our own making, lighting life in ways

that will never be understood.


New breeds unfolding theories that never

existed in older world of hard knocks, much

misunderstanding, now! thoughts sink deep

within a more complete world of chance

and perfection of self belief.


Many collected solutions, are numbered

blueprints, without any feedback of failure

nor existence, would not continue on without

trust in self and deed, when progression

starts, it never ends, it grows on for eternity

or until the mystery of the Universe has been



All that was; will come around again.


New Breeds of wisdom in every way

but living life, will bring back the

wisdom meant made life worth

living for, from generation to generation

it will be devoured in it's own imagination

to find the real truth of existence.


We conquer ourselves beyond imagination

operating without control while soul is

our guides to functional rewards.



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