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palest heart

In the realm of love, a palest heart resides,
Its delicate beats, like whispers, it hides.
A tender soul, in shadows it dwells,
The palest heart, a story it tells.

With every beat, a longing it yearns,
Yet keeps its desires, a secret it turns.
Oh, palest heart, so fragile and forlorn,
Through wounded depths, your love is born.

In moonlit nights, it wanders alone,
Searching for solace, a place it can own.
The palest heart, a throb of gentle ache,
Seeking a love, no words can forsake.

But sometimes love arrives in disguise,
Unveiling beauty behind wounded guise.
And so, the palest heart, in humble grace,
Embraces love's touch, a tender embrace.

From whispers of pain, blossoms a desire,
Igniting a flame that only love can inspire.
And with each beat, the palest heart grows strong,
Rekindling hope, where doubt had belonged.

Though pale it may be, in the realm of emotions,
The palest heart holds depths and devotion.
For in its fragility, lies a strength untold,
A love that shines brighter than silver or gold.

So let us cherish the palest heart we find,
For in its depths, love's treasures unwind.
A testament to resilience and art,
The palest heart, a masterpiece of the heart.

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palest heart

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